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  • Vnukovo
  • Sheremetyevo

Preorder discount

You can preorder goods at RegStaer web-site

Save your time by preordering goods and get 10% off your order.

How to make a preorder

  1. Pick the airport (Vnukovo or Sheremetyevo).
  2. Select items.
  3. Press “Add to the cart” button. You can set number of items in the cart.
  4. You can always check content of your Cart, by pressing Cart button in the corner of the page or by following link above the catalogue.
  5. After you finish selecting items, go to the Cart. There you can change the number of items and see total amount of your order. If you decide to add products to your cart, you can go back to catalogue. Your order is valid until you leave our web site.
  6. The final step is to fill registration form. All the fields are mandatory. These data are needed for correct and prompt formation of orders.
  7. After filling the form and pressing SEND button, an e-mail with details of your order will be sent to your e-mail address.
  8. One of our managers will contact you to confirm your order.

Important details

Your order is kept in the Cart until you leave our web site. If you leave the web site without making order, items will not be saved in the Cart and you will need to select items again.

Please place your orders in advance: we cannot guarantee completion of orders made less than two days prior to the departure day.

The minimum term of fulfilling orders (the order might be partially completed): 5 days prior to the expected departure date.

10% discount does not combine with your discount cards.

10% discount does not apply to products from the Special Offers,Tobacco and Watches categories.

Enjoy shopping in RegStaer stores!