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History of the RegStaer Company

The RegStaer Group of Companies was established on December 28th 1998 as a duty-free operator in Sheremetyevo International Airport.

On December 17th 1999 the first RegStaer store was opened in Terminal F of Sheremetyevo International Airport.

The second store of LLC RegStaer commenced operations in December 2000, in the Business Aviation Center at Sheremetyevo International Airport, Terminal B. The Business Aviation Center provides services to passengers of private airlines and private flights, as well as crew members of international flights.

In September 2005, a duty-free shop was opened in the new terminal at Vnukovo airport. The shop was styled by renowned Finnish company JDA Finland, which designed a beautiful and convenient shop taking account of all modern business requirements.

Shortly two more stores of RegStaer Group of Companies were opened in Vnukovo Airport.

In September 2006, a duty-free shop for pilots was opened at Vnukovo Airport.

In June 2007, a duty-free shop was opened in the Center Business Aviation at Vnukovo Airport, Terminal 3.

Another store was opened in Terminal F of the Sheremetyevo International Airport in December 2007. This store offers the broadest assortment of perfumes and cosmetics of the leading brands.

On June 10th 2008, a new luxurious RegStaer shop built in the form of a sailing ship commenced operations in Terminal C of Sheremetyevo International Airport. A unique duty free center offers passengers of Terminal C the broadest assortment of products; best brands that are recognized and trusted around the world; highest service and attention to every customer. Our customers can wait for their flight in a comfortable departure lounge and little passengers can enjoy a game room.

VIP lounge passengers are provided with 10%.

On October 16th2009, another store was opened by RegStaer Group at Sheremetyevo International Airport. The store is decorated in strict modern style using the latest technologies. It offers the widest range of perfumeries and cosmetics. Humidor  a special room with a huge choice of tobacco from the world's best manufacturers  is equipped especially for cigar lovers.

In April 2005, RegStaer Group launched a Stefano Rii single-brand boutique in downtown Moscow.The Stefano Rii brand is one of the most distinguished Italian brands in the industry of haute couture for men in the world. Its products are aimed at the top of the consumer market. These customers` purchasing power is not limited by the price. Many world celebrities choose Stefano Rii products, as they are sure it will satisfy their high demands. Stefano Rii Boutiques are richly and elegantly decorated, and fully consistent with quality and image of presented goods.

During the 14 years of operations, RegStaer Group increased its trading space by 16 times; its staff grew by 12 times and today has more than 400 employees. The company's financial indicators grew by 30 times.

Today RegStaer is an actively growing company with a sound business strategy, modern management, exclusive products, high level of service, and stylish design of stores.