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Our team

The RegStaer Company is especially proud of its team. Today the company is run by a wonderful cohesive team: more than 400 excellent professionals, many of whom have been with the company from the very first days.

In addition to the sales staff, the company employs professionals in other structural units such as: commerce and customs clearance departments, accounting, IT & other departments. The company is managed by highly qualified administrative team with long experience in business organization and development, including companies operating duty-free shops.

We carefully recruit our personnel, taking into account their professional qualification, as well as psychological compatibility: good will and team spirit should always be the prevailing attitude.

Special attention is given to training and professional growth of company employees.

Employees of all departments do internships in our country and abroad, improve their knowledge at special courses and seminars.

Twice a year the company provides trainings for sales staff, engaging the world's best specialists, and then monitors the results.

Thus, the company's employees have a very good understanding of fashion, style, etiquette; they are acquainted with product characteristics.

Each customer shopping at RegStaer stores is guaranteed to receive high service level, professional consultation and sound advice.

At the end of each year, the company management holds a ceremony for awarding diplomas to the best employees rewarding them with monetary prizes and gifts.

Our employees manage not only to work successfully, but also spend their spare time together at corporate events and sports activities, running team competitions in paintball and other sports games.

We are trying to share results of our work with those who cannot take care of themselves, by rendering material assistance and support to the children's welfare shelter in the town of Lobnya, participating in the program of the foundation Illustrated books for small blind children.

Our clients

Our clients are active people who are moving forward and move the world. They are used to high quality goods and reasonable solutions.

They prefer interesting jobs and active leisure. They only have a couple of minutes to make the right choice. And our products reach their customers.

We highly value our regular customers, who keep coming to our stores to make a nice purchase, get advice from well qualified consultants or managers, and enjoy our special offers and discount programs.

Thus, our clients buy great products and save their money. We accept all major credit cards and 7 currencies, including Rubles.

What is special about RegStaer

RegStaer shops offer the best brands, which are trusted in the whole world. Only genuine goods are represented in our stores. The best menswear in the world, hand-made shirts and ties, famous casual clothing, stylish jewelry, writing utensils, watches, sunglasses, and other accessories, perfumeries, ladies purses and luggage. In a word, everything to provide comfort for the customer during business trips or vacation, as well as the possibility to buy useful and pleasant gifts for family and friends.

Armenian cognac takes special place in our assortment; it is very popular among our clients, who value traditions and high quality of this product. Thus, rich taste and flavor of Ararat Cognac, produced at the Yerevan Cognac Distillery, attract true enthusiasts from different countries.

Confectionary of Russian producers of super-premium category chocolate, such as Korkunov, Comme il faut and Russky Shokolad are also represented in our stores.

Moreover, we offer Belgium chocolate Neuhasa, clothing and accessories from France, Italy and Germany, such as Zilli, Breuning, Lalique. Swiss watches of famous brands, such as Ulysse Nardin, Chronoswiss, Corum, Maurice Lacroix, Frederique Constant and many others are represented in our stores.

Good news for aesthetes. The considerable part of our assortment  is rare, unique products, which can add charisma to your personality and underline your status.

Nothing is accidental in RegStaer. Of course, here you can also find not expensive, affordable products, nevertheless the highest quality of these goods fully correspond with the upscale store status.

Some of the brands, represented at RegStaer stores have been and still are exclusive for the Russian market. As for other brands, RegStaer offers the broadest assortment of goods in Moscow.

We pay close attention to the software and stock accounting systems, using latest technologies and getting accurate statistic data, which allow us to trace slightest swings in demand and adjust the supply system, according to the tendencies of the market.